I am a freelance digital art director and animator working out of Ellicott City, Maryland.  My work focuses on bringing rich brand experiences to the web.  I have been working in digital advertising since its inception. 

I began working at a startup at the beginning of the .com boom. Soon after, I transitioned to advertising agencies where my skills blossomed.  I helped Spirit Airlines go from a fledgling company on the verge of collapse to the successful airline that it is today. Today, I enjoy working on a variety of high profile projects from a variety of clients including, Under Armour, Substance Global, CNN, the NFL, and many more.  I enjoy the diversity that working in advertising brings me.  Each project is a new challenge and different problem to solve.  I live for that challenge.

When I’m not staring deeply into a screen into the late hours of the night, I enjoy spending time with my wife, Amanda, and my three children, working out, fishing, and the endless pursuit of throwing an awesome summer party.


Rich Media Certifications

DoubleClick QA Certified - Do you use DoubleClick to run your campaigns,? Guess what, someone has to QA them, only certified users can QA. I can do that!

DoubleClick YouTube Masthead - Experienced creating and QAing YouTube Masthead ad units.

DoubleClick Dynamic - Experienced in creating and QAing Doubleclick dynamic ads..

DoubleClick HTML5 Studio Certified - Experienced in creating and QAing HTML5
Masthead ad units.

DoubleClick Custom Lightbox Ads - Experienced in creating and QAing Doubleclick lightbox ads.

Google Web Designer Certified - Experienced and certified in creating and HTML5 units using GWD.



Concepting- I love the challenge of taking a campaign, an idea, or napkin drawing and creating a concept that sells it.

Full Digital Campaign Builds - Give me a media plan and watch me fly.  Rich Media, HTML5 ads, skins, mobile, you name it. Your timelines don't frighten me.

Landing Pages - Hey someone clicked on our banner.  Now What?

Websites and Microsites - From wire frames, the comps to full website builds.